Step 1: If you were awarded or granted a scholarship and have a pass code, please disregard step 2 and 3. If not, got step #2

Step 2: Go to the following web address link to pay for the last class and more information.



Once complete  the application, review all information. pay for the monthly classes one month in advance make sure every month you have at least the amount on the card to assure transaction will go through. call 810-545-5227 or email us at lgarrett@nexusqsd1.com if you have electronic trouble making the transaction.

Step 3:  It does not matter which month you start, our system will track all your attendance  start date/time You will be able to pick up the missed session in the next training cycle. (This does not apply to being absent for your training session. Absent: No refunds and all make up session must be paid in advance to retake.)

Step 4: Connect into the webinar about 10 min before start. The instructor will not be able to directly assist once the online class has started (You may have a practice button that will allow you to dry run everything. If you do, pick a day before the first webinar and take it for a test run. Get use to the controls. Don't worry you are in practice mode, you cant blow up anything. Some of you may not have this function)

Step 5: If you call in by phone enter  your audio pin (Do not hit the # key, you will not be able to talk to me, if you do)


Step 6:  Once you are logged on, please turn everything on your end to mute.
Step 7: If you have a question, type it in the window given. if you need to talk to the instructor during a break, raise your e-hand

 Step 8: Always check for documents handouts, attached in the hand out section.

Step 9:  If you are disconnected, don't panic, just connect back in the same way you connected the first time

Step 10: If I am disconnected, just hold online for no more than 10 minutes. If the instructor not back in 10 min, assume the class has ended. The instructor will make future plans to recovery the loss (sometimes storms, power loss...do happen.

Step 11: Make sure you take lots of notes (Pens / paper)

Step 12:  The instructor will have a copy of the section presentation in the handout section of the webinar

Step 13:  Enjoy and have fun learning.

 Step 14:  Attend all training sessions.There will be 5 question asked at the end of each class. Question will be directly related to the subject covered. You will need to score at least 80% (4 correct out of 5 correct) in order to move forward. If you score less than 80% , we go over missed questions at the beginning of the next session. We may contact you personally to see if we can help.

Step 15 : There are mid-terms  exam: 10 questions. same 80 rules apply (8 out of 10 correct). There are Final exam: 20 questions. same 80% rules apply (16 out of 20 correct)

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